Where do I begin with these bright and gorgeous souls? I knew I would love these two humans as soon as I read their sweet email asking to meet me! We met on a summers' afternoon for a cider, and what we thought would be a quick catch up turned into a four hour yarn about everything and anything. They signed the paperwork right then and there and the rest was history!

Jess and Rich have been together eleven years; and their love has remained as strong and as pure as ever. They married at the beautiful Melton Estate on the 23rd of June (middle of winter, eeeek!) surrounded by friends and family and a gorgeous vineyard.


My favourite moments of this day, to name a few: Jess getting ready and seeing her mum and dad's faces when they saw her, the bridal party shoot by the rustic shed where we danced to Cardi B, and the most special of all: the speeches, where loved ones spoke of how much Rich and Jess meant to them. Jess even thanked me in her speech which is something that I hold close to my heart, and reminds me why I love what I do.


Mr & Mrs - such a blessing to be a part of your day, thank you.